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European Championship Draughts 100 - Open & Women Kortrijk 03-09 October 2022
European Championship Draughts 100 - Open & Women Kortrijk 03-09 October 2022

Rules & Regulations

1)      The organization of the European Draughts Championship 2022 has been allotted by the EDC to the Belgian Draughts Federation (KBDB-FRBJD) and will take place from Monday, October 3th till Sunday, October 9th.


2)      Organizing committee:

Bordini Carlo                                     President of EDC

Demasure Johan                              Vice-President Vicary EDC          

Tulva Tarmo                                      Tournament Director EDC

Libbrecht Alex                                   President of KBDB

Jennes Luc                                       Treasurer FRBJD                             


3)      Following events will be played:

a)      XXI European Championship

b)      XI European Women Championship

4)      General schedule

a)       02-10-2022 (Sunday)


21:00            Technical meeting in the venue (checking players list)

b)      03-10-2022 till 09-10-2022

EC with closing ceremony on 09th late afternoon

c)       10-10-2022 (Monday)


5)      Participants
        Tournament is open for each European player who accepts these rules & regulations and make the registration through his federation.


6)      Playing room:
        ‘t Groeningeheem
        Passionistenlaan 1, 8500 Kortrijk


7)      Official titles:


a)       European Champion

b)      Women’s European Champion


c)       European Champion National Teams

d)      Women’s European Champion National Teams.

8)      Qualifiers for WC 2023

a)       Men : 5 places (max. 2/country)

b)      Women: 6 places (max. 2/country)

9)      System of competitions:

a)       European Championship – classic games

Game rate: New FMJD system of 90’ for 45 moves followed by 30’ fisher +30”/move

Tournament will be played in Swiss system (on Solkoff Truncated), 9 rounds.


b)      General Rules for all European Championships.

i)        Final classification according FMJD Annex-III.

ii)       In case of all criteria of challengers for 1st 3 places will be equal; a tie break should be played with 2 blitz games followed by superblitz if necessary.

iii)     All rules concerning games and rights – duties of players/referees described in FMJD annexes are valid.


10)   Schedule

Sunday, October 2nd    


19:00     Checking players list

21:00     technical meeting

Monday, October 3rd

                08:30     Opening

                09:00     Round I

                15:00     Round II

Tuesday, October 4th

                15:00     Round III

Wednesday, October 5th

                09:00     Round IV

                15:00     Round V

Thursday, October 6th

                15:00     Round VI

Friday, October 7th

                09:00     Round VII

                15:00    Guided visit of the city

Saturday, October 8th

                09:00     Round VIII

Sunday, October 9th

                09:00     Round IX

16:00     Closing ceremony

Monday, October 10th



11)   National teams’ classification.

a)       Before the tournament each federation can announce up to 5 players as a member of national team (4 for women).

b)      Team classification will be settled up based on results of 3 best members (2 for women) of national team:

a. Lowest sum of places
b. if equal – highest sum of points
c. if equal – higher place of best team player decides

c)       For teams with less than 3 (2 for women) players N+1 to the score will be added for absent players, where N=number of participants in the tournament.


12)   Competition fees (to be paid into the KBDB bank account or in cash):

a)       Entrance fee is 100€ for the first 3 players from the federation. If more players, then for each next (4-…) entrance fee is 200€.

b)      In case the federation wants to pay in cash, it must be requested with the subscription and will cost 10€ extra per person. No debts at the start of the competition.

c)       Paying the fee is a federation duty, so the amount of fee from Federations will be counted not based on the players present in Kortrijk but based on the number of players in the applications. Without full participation fee paid by a federation, it is impossible for any player from that federation to play. In case of an extraordinary situation, a federation should inform EDC in written about changes. Only in this case fee for not-coming players can be reduced:

i)        100% if resignation before September 15th

ii)       50% if resignation before September 20th

iii)     0% if resignation after September 20th


13)   Accommodation:
There is no official hotel. Players have to make reservations by themselves.
A list with hotels and possible reductions can be found in addition and will be regularly updated on the official website of the championship:

The organization has a limited number of low budget rooms available in the Youth Hostel Groeninge at a distance of 50 m from the venue. These double rooms must be booked only by reservation to the local organization!!
The European champions men and women Moscow 2018 will be hosted for free by the organization as far as they are allowed to participate by FMJD.

14)   Application by national federations to the EDC office: and with a deadline September 10th .


15)   With any questions concerning visa, hotels etc please contact Mr. Johan Demasure
                     e-mail :

16)   Prize money:

a)       XXI European Championship                      6.000€  

1st place                      1.700€  

2nd place                     1.300€

3rd place                         900€

4th place                         700€

5th place                         500€

6th place                         400€

7th place                         300€

8th place                        200€

b)      XI European Women Championship       3.100€

1st place                       1100€

2nd place                        700€

3rd place                         500€

4th place                         350€

5th place                         250€

6th place                         200€

c)       Teams                                                                  900 €

1st place                         200€                   2x
2nd place                        150€                   2x
3rd place                        100€                   2x


17)   Any protest to Jury d'Appel should be given in written form (in English) to the main referee not later than 10 minutes after the game. Each protest is valid only after paying a deposit of 100 euro. The deposit will be returned only if a protest will be accepted.


18)   Official web:


19)   Bank account KBDB

The national federations have to pay all registration fee and accommodations for the Groeninge Youth Hostel to the account of “KBDB” (Royal Belgian Draughts Federation) at the latest September 10th, 2021:

Beneficiary: Royal Belgian Draughts Federation

Address: Elfde Julistraat, 175 – 8530 Harelbeke

Bank: ING

IBAN account nr: BE68 6529 7050 9334

BIC (Swift code): BBRUBEBB


20)   A player who is not present during the closing ceremony will not receive cash prizes.


21)   In the case of something not being clear in the FMJD regulations or in this regulation, the decision will be made by the main referee in consultation with the organization and the EDC tournament director.